A South African Life Partner Visa or, as it is more commonly referred to, a South African Spousal Permit can be granted to a foreign spouse of a South African citizen or permanent resident for three years, provided that the relationship in question is in good faith i.e. not of convenience.

Under South African Law the term “spouse” is defined as extending beyond parties to a marriage and is considered to include a spousal relationship subject to certain requirements, same sex and heterosexual life partners. In each of these instances a South African Life Partner Visa may be issued.

The advantagse of a South African Life Partner permit are manyfold. The permit allows a foreign spouse to remain and sojourn, to validly work, or to study in South Africa pending a permanent resident permit being applied for and granted. In many cases the typical long-form requirements for work, study and own business permit requirements are also waived under this category in terms of the normal prescriptive requirements.

Craig Smith & Associate, whose expertise in all aspects of South African immigration law is well respected, are able to offer both advice and assistance in the application process for a South African spousal Visa.

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