Our refugee laws are a culmination of an evolving human rights based culture and from 1996 onwards, South Africa has assumed various international legal instruments that promote and protect the rights of asylum seekers and refugees seeking permanent residence in South Africa. Craig Smith & Associates, who are expert immigration lawyers, based in South Africa are able to assist you with our refugee status services.

The Refugees Act 130 of 1998 and its accompanying Regulations form the main legislation that dictates refugee affairs. Whilst much of the legislation is relatively well intended and constitutionally sound in South Africa, in practise the situation is entirely different. As professional immigration lawyers we understand this and expertly apply our skills and knowledge to each refugee status case.

Notwithstanding certain practises our courts have shaped and developed our refugee laws to such an extent that allow for asylum seekers and refugees to enjoy the benefits of far-reaching rights to work, study, run their own businesses, acquire asylum seeker life partner permits and successfully gain permanent residence and integrate into the fabric of South African society.

Our immigration lawyers offer these refugee status services in the area of refugee law:

  • Initial consultation, legal advices in lodging asylum application/ eligibility assessment form (the first interview) with Refugee Reception Officer
  • Rights to an asylum seeker permit holder and renewals pending asylum application
  • Attendance and preparation on interview before Refugee Status Determination Officer
  • Attendance and assistance on ID and travel documents
  • Attendance on written appeals within 30 days to the Refugee Appeal Board
  • Attendance on asylum seeker appeals hearings on determined date in South Africa
  • Attendance on reviews by the Standing Committee on manifestly unfounded, abusive or fraudulent decisions by the Refugee Status Determination Officer
  • Attendance and oversight over arbitrary actions of the Department of Home Affairs in immigration detentions and immigration deportations
  • Assistance in temporary and permanent residence permits under the Immigration Act
  • Assistance in asylum seeker life partner permits acquisition under the Immigration Act

Should you require aid or advice regarding any of the above mentioned services you can contact Craig Smith & Associates directly – scroll down for our contact information.

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