Today we are looking at the plight of Afghanistan refugees after the Taliban took control last month at least 28,000 Afghans have been evacuated. For over three weeks, 32 Afghans have been stranded at the frontier between Poland and Belarus.

The Polish government has now declared a state of emergency. Activists and opposition politicians say this is absurd. Following the Taliban takeover of Kabul, hundreds of Afghan citizens have also rushed to Kabul airport to catch an evacuation flight out of the country as uncertainties rose.

The US ended its airlift on August 31, the self-imposed deadline by the Biden administration, removing all American presence from Afghan soil. In Kabul, the Taliban have formed an acting government, as global powers keep track of the promises the Taliban made about ensuring human rights in the country.

To assist us on this we are joined by Leonard Zulu is the representative for South Africa with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Craig Smith is a specialist Immigration Practioner at Migration Lawyers and Leon Isaacson from the Global Migration…

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