Our immigration law firm continues to shape the direction of our immigration laws and seeks to contain the narrow and restrictive approach by the Department of Home Affairs.

Our dedicated and fearless group of immigration lawyers actively devote their attention to all immigration related matters, whether it pertains to visa and permit acquisition, criminal or administrative related immigration matters charges in the Magistrates’ Courts or tactical litigation in the High Courts.

Over the last couple of years, it has become indisputable that our immigration law firm has led the challenge against the invasive and draconian effects of our immigration laws. We addressed the issues of undesirability in the case of Johnson & Others versus Minister of Home Affairs that successfully went all the way to the Constitutional Court. More significantly, in 2016 we sought to change the current immigration laws by assisting foreign spouses in the groundbreaking case of Stewart & Others versus Minister of Home Affairs.

Locally, we help literally thousands of people wishing to relocate to South Africa and assist those applicants both at the various South African consular offices abroad and domestically in South Africa.

Getting it right first time every time! We are specialist South African immigration lawyers – registered by the Law Society and technically assured.

First and foremost, we are a registered and regulated professional South African immigration law firm in South Africa. We therefore remain obliged to guarantee our clients quality-assured advices and technically compliant services.

We are the leaders in South African immigration visa and permanent residence acquisition and have unmatched technical immigration skills and experience that are required to guide and plan a way forward for individual or corporate clients and convert such planning into successful immigration of families or businesses to South Africa.

There is no margin for error, whether it relates to immigration advices, submission of visa or permanent residency applications or court-related interventions.

Be aware of consultants and agents as they are unqualified and unregulated, which leaves no regulated recourse for poor strategic advices or rejected outcomes that may result in large-scale direct or indirect damages. You may be left stranded.

Cost-Effective Solutions with Unparalleled Immigration Skills

Despite being a highly sought after South African immigration law firm, we believe that our client’s deserve value for money as should any consumer seeking professional services.

We have positioned our fee structures in line with market-related charges thereby allowing our client’s to benefit by highly professional and specialist immigration services at negotiable and flexible rates thus providing an unmatched value offering.

National Recognition with Years of Experience and Excellence – Upholding Client’s rights against the Department of Home Affairs

Craig Smith, having been admitted as an attorney since 1997, together with his team of dynamic immigration attorneys and legal associates, is well positioned to provide immigration services that are professionally assured and quality driven by legal experts.

Our immigration law firm is only one of a very select few that has successfully found their way to the Constitutional Court on immigration matters and create legal precedent limiting many of the restrictive immigration laws.

Should you require any of our legal immigration services, feel free to fill in your details below and we will contact you.

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