Nadine Kruger is a qualified South African attorney and an expert on South African immigration law. She is well versed on all the technicalities of visa and permanent residence permit applications and appears frequently in the Magistrates and High Courts on immigration and criminal related matters.

Nadine is driven by human rights and constitutional imperatives and is one of South Africa’s leading immigration exponents on matters relating to unlawful detention and criminal prosecution of foreign persons.

Nadine also devotes much of her time to foreigners who are criminally charged in the Magistrates Courts in terms of section 49 of the Immigration Act. Often, if persons have been charged with such offences she attends on bail, if required, through to successful appearances to either have the charges withdrawn or suitably defended.

Nadine has a specific interest in administrative and constitutional litigation and regularly writes legal updates on South African immigration related matters that are of relevance to immigration visa and permitting applications.

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