South African Visa & Visitors Permit

South Africa Study Permits Click Here to Apply for your South African Permit TodayThe Immigration Act 13 of 2002, duly amended by the Immigration Amendment Act 19 of 2004, and the Immigration Regulations, sets out the legal requirements and categories for visas and temporary and permanent residence permits in South Africa. As leading immigration attorneys in South Africa, we are able to tend to your South African visa application, visa extension, South African work visa and South African visitors permit with the utmost care and proficiency.

South Africa, like any other country in the world, holds the sovereign right to determine who is entitled to enter its territory and as prominent immigration attorneys we want to ensure that the process runs smoothly. South Africa enjoys the right to exempt foreigners from certain countries from having to be in possession of a visa, this includes a South African work visa or South African visitors permit, to enter its territory. Your visa application process is therefore very important.

It is imperative to note that despite having a visa endorsed in the applicant’s passport for entry into South Africa; it does not guarantee automatic admission into its territory, this is why it is essential to contact professional immigration attorneys in terms of your South African visa application, work visa and/or visa extension.

The visa or work visa in some cases, allows immigration officers at our ports of entry to facilitate entry on the basis that the South African missions abroad have screened applicants on the basis of certain eligibility requirements that relate to their purpose and the duration of their stay.

Where a visa, for example a work visa,  is issued by one of the South African missions abroad that work visa shall be considered to be a visitor’s permit in terms of the Immigration Act in South Africa.

Similarly, any person who holds a valid temporary or permanent residence permit shall be deemed to be in possession of a valid visa, whether it be a work visa or any of the visa’s listed below, in terms of the Act.

Where must an applicant submit a visa application or visa extension in South Africa?

Visa applications or visa extensions are applied for at any South Africa mission where the applicant normally resides or where the applicant holds a valid passport and finally at any South Africa mission designated by the Director-General where a mission is not present.

Our immigration attorneys offer services such as Visa Applications and Visa Extensions in South Africa including:

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