Temporary South African Residence Permits

Temporary South African Residence Permits

There are many different forms of temporary South African residence permits to apply for depending on your needs and motivations. From holiday permits to corporate visas, Craig Smith & Associates are available to aid you in the application and acquisition processes. If you want to apply for a temporary South African residence permit, we can ascertain your  objectives, assess your eligibility and map out the most efficient method to achieve your temporary permit objectives in the most economical and time-efficient manner. This is an assurance provided to you by Craig Smith & Associates, immigration specialists based in South Africa.

We at Craig Smith & Associates can arrange any of the following Temporary  permits for South Africa:

  • South African Visitors Permits
  • South African Study Permits
  • South African Work Permits
  • South African Business/Corporate Permits
  • South African Relatives Permits
  • Other South African Permits

This Temporary South African Residence Permits service provided by us will entail:

  • Consultations and assessment of needs and eligibility with the client conducted by immigration specialists
  • Overview and advice regarding the clients permit options
  • Preparation of all supporting documentation and lodgement for temporary South African Residence permits.
  • Status reports to client and expediting decisions with Department of Home Affairs in South Africa
  • Collection of Temporary South African Residence Permits from authorities and delivery to client

Should you wish Craig Smith & Associates to over see your temporary permit assessment and application processes you can contact us by clicking here.