Citizenship Services

South African Citizenship Services

The acquisition, loss, deprivation and resumption of South African citizenship are regulated by the South African Citizenship Act 88 of 1995 and the Regulations issued in terms of the Act. Consult Craig Smith & Associates, professional immigration lawyers, with regards to citizenship in South Africa.

There are three main forms of acquisition of South African citizenship that, as professional immigration lawyers, we can assist you with:

  • Birth
  • Descent
  • Naturalisation

South African Citizenship by birth or descent are legal rights based on factual accounts pertaining to birth and parentage and this requires a series of supporting documentation. South African Citizenship by naturalization is not a legal right and thus needs to be carefully prepared to ensure that the legal requirements have been complied with.

As expert immigration lawyers in South Africa we offer immigration services pertaining to all South African citizenship acquisition matters. We also consult on matters of loss, deprivation and resumption of citizenship in South Africa. Contact us with your queries.