Immigration Legal Services

Immigration Legal ServicesC S & A are true specialists when it comes to immigration in South Africa. We have perfected and refined our process of attaining both permanent and temporary residence permits and visas. Equally, we mastered services that are more complex and go beyond the standard permit acquisition. These types of technical legal services require a far greater understanding of immigration law, an advanced, detailed working knowledge of the Immigration Act, Regulations and other Interrelated Laws in the areas of adjudication, enforcement, and oversight by the authorities in South Africa.

Some of the Services that are included in our Immigration Legal services are: Immigration Detention, Deportation, Exemptions, etc.

Our Immigration Legal Services include:

  • Applications for section 31 immigration exemptions to dispense with requirements or forms or grant permanent residence in South Africa in terms of the Immigration Act.
  • Applications for section 32 status authorisations in terms of the Immigration Act / Regulations.
  • Enforcement of section 8 rights to reviews and appeals and representations to Director-General or Minister of Home Affairs in South Africa.
  • Defending illegal detention and deportation matters and attendance on Immigration Officers in terms of section 8, 34 and 41 of the Immigration Act in South Africa.

Technical Legal Law Services require a great deal of attention, and each case is different, for this reason we strongly encourage you to write to us, and share your specific situation. We will be able to assist and advise you accordingly. Please use our Contact Page for all enquires.