Family Migration and Partnership Visas


  • The UK Home Office can allow dependent children and other relatives to come to the UK under certain circumstances.Applications under this category can be complex due to the high level of evidence required to establish dependency, especially with regards to dependent children over the age of 18 and elderly relatives (over 65 years of age).Our migration experts have considerable experience in handling these matters.

Marriage / Civil Partnership

  • Marriage / civil partnership visas allow individuals to apply for leave to enter the UK on the basis of their marriage or civil partnership with a British citizen or a person who is settled in the UK (i.e. a person who holds indefinite leave to remain or the right of abode).
  • Couples will need to satisfy specific requirements set by the UK government regarding their relationship, available funds and accommodation arrangements in the UK. If the application is successful, a 2-year probationary visa will be granted, which allows for unrestricted employment and can lead to settlement (colloquially referred to as “permanent residence”).
  • Spouses who are not from a majority English speaking country will also need demonstrate that they speak a sufficient level of English.

Unmarried Partner

  • This family based category is in place for individuals who are in a permanent and enduring relationship with a British citizen or a person who has settled status (Indefinite Leave to Remain) in the UK. The applicant and his/her partner must be able to provide evidence of cohabitation for a minimum of 2 years, as well as their available funds and accommodation arrangements in the UK.
  • The relationship may be a heterosexual or a same-sex relationship. This visa category also allows for unrestricted employment in the UK.
  • As is the case for marriage/ civil partnership visas, this visa is initially granted for a 2 year probationary period (5 years if the sponsoring partner is a citizen of an EEA country other than the UK). At the end of the two years, applicants may apply for indefinite leave to remain provided they can evidence that their relationship is still subsisting.

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