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Craig Smith a Specialist Immigration Lawyer in Cape Town, South Africa

Spouse Visas applied from within South Africa

A discussion of the judgment of Stewart & 5 Others V Director General of Home Affairs             The Factual Background             The Stewart’s approached our law firm in 2015 after nearly a year of ‘toing and froing’ with the Department … Continue reading

Craig Smith secures bail for Mos Def. World Passport in South Africa

Craig Smith, the immigration lawyer, secures bail for US celebrity actor and musician Mos Def in Bellville Magistrates Court on immigrated related offence. On the January 2016 Craig Smith was instructed to appear and apply for bail on behalf of … Continue reading


OVERSTAY OF TEMPORARY RESIDENCY – CONSEQUENCES & REMEDIES WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO OVERSTAY MY TEMPORARY RESIDENCY VISA? Generally speaking, in terms of Regulation 9(5)(a) of the Immigration Regulations, an applicant who wishes to renew an existing visa or change … Continue reading

Visa Regulations Impact on Tourism in South Africa 2015

Visa Regulations Impact on Tourism in South Africa 2015 Nzinga Qunta – ANN7 presenter: Okay. I’m going to bring Craig Smith, who’s an immigration attorney back into the discussion. Craig thanks so much for your time on ANN7 Prime. Your … Continue reading

Immigration Update 2015

Immigration Update 2015 Iman Rappetti – PowerFM Host: …Alright let’s talk now in our legal feature about immigration law, refugee and citizenship law, and I think it’s an important topic given what we’ve all seen over the last couple of weeks. … Continue reading

Children below the age of 18 have to carry a full unabridged birth certificate

“From the 1st of June, children below the age of 18 travelling into and out of SA will have to carry a full unabridged birth certificate.”

Undesirable Person – Constitutional Court paves way for Legal Challenge

Craig Smith challenging the constitutionality of the new “Undesirability” Immigration Laws. “We are now going to deal with the principal provision that gives the immigration officers the right to declare an undesirable person.” Transcription: You are Listening to Cape Talk on 31.567 … Continue reading

South Africa’s Immigration Update – CNBC Africa

watch the Immigration Update on CNBC here: [LINK] Nozipho Mbanjwa – CNBC Africa: Now, South Africa’s immigration policies have been an issue of contention, but some are calling them unconstitutional. Immigration lawyer Craig Smith joins us from our Capetown studios for … Continue reading

Impact of New Visa Regulations on Tourism – CNBC Africa

Click Here to see the Story on CNBC Africa: Transcription: Thomas Maree – Reporter, CNBC Africa: South Africa’s new immigration rules aim to enhance security and keep out so called undesirables from entering the country. The reality is that the new … Continue reading

The Declaration of Undesirability – An Overstay – How to Resolve.

ORIGINS – 26th MAY 2014 On the 26th of May 2014 the Department of Home Affairs (the ‘Department’) showed its intent to amend the existing immigration laws that had been in effect since the 1st of July 2005. Without any … Continue reading