Right to remain in South Africa

Asylum Seekers right to remain in South Africa, Immigration Deportation and Immigration Detention

Asylum seekers have the legal right to remain in South Africa whilst in possession of a valid asylum seeker permit, or if apprehended, no proceedings may be instituted against such persons if they have applied or intend to apply for asylum. Asylum seekers or refugees have a legal right not be detained or deported if they are in possession of a valid permit and may not be deported until a final determination has been made in terms of such application for asylum including an asylum seeker appeal or review. As your legal representative and experienced immigration lawyers, we understand and pursue your rights.

A central theme of refugee international law is that of non-refoulement that forbids the expulsion of a refugee into an area where the person might again be subjected to persecution and being returned to places where their lives or freedoms could be threatened. Our expertise as prominent immigration lawyers can greatly benefit clients in these delicate matters. Click here for more information.