Craig Smith

Craig Smith was admitted as a South African attorney in 1997 and founded Craig Smith & Associates, a professional immigration law firm in Cape Town and South Africa, practicing exclusively in the field of immigration that includes applications for visas and permanent residency applications and immigration related matters in the Magistrates and High Courts of South Africa.

Craig SmithCraig is one of the very few select immigration lawyers in South Africa, if not the only lawyer, that personally appears and argues in the High Courts against the Department of Home Affairs throughout South Africa with unparalleled success.

As a result his achievements in South African immigration law, he enjoys much publicity and a high profile amongst media houses, national and international radio, print media and television broadcasters on current developments surrounding the practice of immigration in South Africa.

Craig is at forefront of technical legal and constitutional matters, often challenging the immigration laws for the benefit of all industry players and foreigners alike in visas and permanent residence permit matters.

Craig is recognized by his fellow legal peers as one of the leading immigration lawyers in South Africa and sought after as a result of his immigration expertise.

Craig Smith in the Media

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