About Us

The Inner Workings of Specialist South African Immigration Attorneys

We are accomplished Specialist South African Immigration Attorneys with an unrelenting commitment and passion towards our clients and the process of immigration to, and visa applications in South Africa. Based in Cape Town, we are of service to corporate law firms, engineering, construction, hospitality, recruitment and financial concerns, parastatals, corporate’s and individual foreigners.

Craig Smith was admitted as an attorney in 1997 and founded Craig Smith & Associates, a professional immigration law firm in Cape Town, South Africa, practicing exclusively in the field of immigration, refugee and citizenship law. Craig Smith & Associates are now the specialist South African immigration attorneys many have come to trust and rely upon in Cape Town.

In addition to running a thriving permanent, temporary and long-term residency immigration service in South Africa, he devotes much attention to legalization and enforcement matters that directly relate to the oversight of administrative immigration actions by the Department of Home Affairs and immigration officials.

As Specialist South African Immigration Attorneys we are held in high regard by our peers within the immigration industry and have consequently forged formal working relationships with other esteemed specialist immigration attorneys locally and abroad, immigration authorities and former immigration home affairs officials who have played a significant role in shaping the laws applicable today in South Africa.

Should you require our services for any immigration related legal processes, you can contact us here.

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