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The Inner Workings of Specialist South African Immigration Attorneys

Craig Smith & Associates are accomplished high profile South African immigration lawyers and the leading authorities on South African visa and permitting applications and immigration enforcement and court-related matters with an unrelenting commitment and passion towards our local and global clients wishing to immigrate to South Africa and remain without legal sanction.

About Craig Smith & Associates

We are the only immigration law firm in South Africa that offers a full spectrum of immigration services wherein our law firm consult and advise on all visa and permitting acquisition, whilst at the same time, has the skills and proven capabilities to personally appear throughout South Africa in both the Magistrate’s and High Courts, whatever the complexity.

On that basis we are the leading authorities on the subject of immigration law in South Africa and unmatched by any other law firm.

South African immigration laws, and their enforcement by the Department of Home Affairs, have become more complex than ever, riddled with poor decision-making, inconsistency and unacceptable delays by such Department.

If ever there was a time to ensure that you are on the right side of the law and your visa or permanent residence applications are successful and issued expeditiously, in your endeavor to relocate to South Africa, it is now.

We set the very highest standards of excellence and authority in advising, consulting, preparing and submitting quality assured applications, both in South Africa, and at the various South African consular offices throughout the world.

Very often, when visa or residency applications are delayed or arbitrarily rejected or queried, we intervene to remedy such matters with technical legal interventions in bringing much needed relief to our clients.

We are often invited by television, radio and print media to comment on the latest developments within the field of South African visas, permanent residence permits and groundbreaking immigration litigation against the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa.

We continue to the shape the immigration laws, as we know them today in South Africa, having successfully litigated against our Department of Home Affairs at the very highest levels including in our Constitutional Court.

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